I would have gone anywhere
and done anything
for a chance to talk to you.
That was years ago
– back when I used to think
chances were infinite.
Now I do what I can to catch a glimpse
as you walk past.

I think you’re avoiding me now.
The clock strikes 5
and I don’t see you by the bench
where we reconnected a few years ago.
I wish you understood
the pain of being avoided
for a simple glance.
Not a word nor an approach.
Not even a smile.
Maybe you knew my stomach turned
when our eyes locked.

The Beginning

This bond will break, it cannot bend.
Hold fast- I could not stop
the beginning of our end.

Who is to blame? We both had doubt.
But voiceless fear is an open wound
and silent answers sold us out.

You are not dead to me my dear
– yet if I feel no life with you,
then you’re the death of me I fear.

But I became your every breath!
So could I truly call it living
if I left you to certain death?

Blood is pouring from the suture.
These broken hearts we stitched together
bleed and stain our every future.

Who is to blame? We both knew change.
The children we were died in our arms
– the face in the mirror was strange.

This bond will break, so leave it be.
It was made for a different life,
and from that life we now are free.