Let tomorrow bring for me
a blood red sun’s cloudless break.
For her light I will not see,
– to her light I will not wake.

I care not if chance or fate
– in sorrow have I wandered
and cursed Death for being so late.
This is the night I wanted.

Love and hope were all I knew:
every breath I would revere.
But love passed like morning dew
and hope fell to my worst fear.

Because our love was youthful,
there was nothing Time could do.
But Fate was very watchful,
and no bounds his great arm knew.

Thus for me the night had come
and all the world slept and dreamed.
But my visions then were from
opened eyes it would have seemed.

Through the darkness I held fast
to sanity till the dawn.
Only when I breathe my last
will these bleak visions be gone.

Now in this concluding hour
I exalt your memory.
In this I find the power
to accept eternity.

Let tomorrow bring for me
a blood red sun’s cloudless break.
Death, tonight, will set me free,
then by my love will I wake.

When of my breath I am shorn
and you bear me to the ground,
sing no threnody forlorn!
Utter not a mournful sound.

Bear me not there with weeping
for I would you weep no tear.
Lay me beside my darling,
for my heart has rested here.

(Written in 2013)

The Captive

Shadows embraced this mournful hall
as the vast night beckoned to me.
In vain I sought her dreamy call
– yes, I would struggle endlessly.

No more is darkness a solace
that will shelter my restless mind.
I close my eyes but I am sleepless,
there is no comfort here to find.

I am plagued with lucid visions
of the shame I tried to bury.
These memories are like phantoms
– each bears the name “Depravity.”

Can I forget what I have done
and find the strength to start anew?
Will I ever find redemption,
hope that is lasting and true?

Is there still hope to rise and fight,
and to risk falling once again?
For should I wish to see that Light,
I run risk of being human.

What can one do in such defeat
when this despair is hollowing
– knowing that there is no retreat
and remorse ever following?

Oh breathe the fear of damnation:
with terror will one suffocate.
As he succumbs to the poison,
he falls in the balance of Fate.

So I resign to the shadow
with my soul in captivity.
And I brace for the time to follow,
knowing I will never be free.

(Written in September, 2014)

Blood For Blood pt.2

I will pay the price.
I am not afraid.
But I spit upon your self righteousness
and all the principles by which you live.
Though you can mask this with your position
and lie to the flock of society:
we both are guilty of the very same.
So try as you might, you cannot fix me
– I will never conform to your beliefs.
Though I am cast down, I will not give in.
And although you hold this blade to my throat,
this is not the end.

From this fragile life I might say farewell,
but I will break your every bone in Hell.

Blood For Blood

Remorse will not exist
in a world without truth.
When degradation is restitution
and forgiveness is but ceremony:
the balance of justice is weighted.
No purpose is there
to be reconciled
when payment has already been exacted:
mercy was gladly given in triumph
to amends made by a defiant heart.
These empty words I gild
they fall on your deaf ears,
because morality was never a factor.
See these formalities are only that.
Nothing left to say.
Nothing to be learned.
This is blood for blood.